Event Portrait Session

General Info:

What does it take to catch a moment like this? It takes patience. It takes desire. It takes a love for what you do. But most importantly, it takes passion.

What moment will I catch for you that will make you smile? I don't know. But I can't wait to find out.

How It Works:

First we meet and talk about what you want and what you expect. This helps me to understand your vision. Then we schedule a time and a place. At a location of your choosing.

Afterwards, allow up to 1 weeks processing time for standard portraits. Once your entire gallery is ready, I will upload them. Just log on, go to "Events", and find your gallery.

Your Gallery will remain online for 30 days to allow you to share, and purchase.

Print Pricing:

4X6 - $4.00
5X7 - $6.00
8 Wallet sheet - $10.00
8X10 - $10.00
11X14 - $15.00
16X20 - $25.00

Many other sizes are available. Including 5X5, 8X8, 10X10, and 20X20. You will have many options to choose from in your shopping cart.




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