I am a carefree person with a passion for life. I love the outdoors and about any activity you can do in the mountains, on a basketball court or a ball field. I am deeply committed to building up others and helping them to live a joyful life. I love Jesus Christ and am immensely grateful for his Atoning Sacrifice that makes it possible to have an eternal family. My husband and two wonderful children are the love of my life. My favorite things to photograph are just about anything moving, living, or breathing. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and see his hand in my life daily. Thru the medium of photography I attempt to show the Savior's influence on all of us. Hopefully if I'm successful you can see Him, His creations, love, charity, kindness, and humor, the Saviors divine qualities that are inherent in each and every one of us and throughout the world. When I photograph an LDS temple I can visually see the saviors hand in my life his love for me and all of us. Sharing the beauty and tranquility of these magnificent structures is deeply fulfilling along with those everyday moments that make history, your history, your unique past. Moments of a special event or that game winning shot, terrific bronc ride or just the daily chaos that we call life. The moments that make you who you are! The people, places, events, emotions, and moments that define your character, your life. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words...I want to help you say your 1000 words. I hope you enjoy what you see. What people are saying about they are telling their unique stories.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stacie Earl

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